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Over 46 Years Experience in Ruminant Nutrition

Consulting Ruminant Nutritionist, Chuck Hurst, has over 46 years of experience helping producers increase their livestock productivity. Maximizing nutritional needs is a primary tool for sustained profitability in livestock production.

Through nutritional consultation and supplementation, Nutritech can help you maximize your operation's herd health and profits.


• Cow-calf, stocker, feeder, feedlot and range beef operations, as well as sheep and wildlife ruminant species.

• Profitability and economics of wintering, and breeding cows; backgrounding calves, and feedlot finishing cattle.


• Least cost purchasing of feedstuffs and supplements.


• Health management of all phases of beef cattle production.


• Nutritech is also familiar with supplementing wildlife species including elk and deer; also in formulating bison growing and finishing rations.

Chuck Hurst

Ruminant Nutritionist

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